GuestView SmartTV

IHT has developed Australia’s first full Media Center system for Hotels and their guests. GuestView allows guests to wirelessly stream their own content from the devices they are travelling with, such as laptops and iPads, to the TV screen..  It combines the Media Streaming abilities of an Apple TV but unlike Apple TV GuestView is a managed system integrated to the Hotel PMS for security of content – and importantly it works with Windows and Android devices as well.

GuestView delivers all normal FTA and Foxtel channels plus supplies 25 Satellite channels for Asian, Indian and other foreign guests. And in addition, GuestView delivers a range of internet sourced content streams from Al Jazerra to You Tube plus 4000 radio channels and music genre options. Of course this will continue to grow as web based content expands even further.

GuestView can also incorporate pay per view movie solutions in addition to enabling guests to wirelessly stream their own video or music content from their own device, to the TV screen!  Blockbuster current movies and a 200+ movie library can become one of the range of content solutions guests can choose.

Another unique feature of the GuestView unit is that it makes every guest room a wireless hotspot; creating a significantly stronger wireless network for guests, than the normal in corridor access points in the hotel.  As 99% of guests now use wifi and many can only use wifi with their devices, this is a major incremental benefit of the GuestView system.

Hotels have invested heavily in flat screens over the past few years – yet now there are the new generation of Smart TVs which offer more.  But Smart TVs and their ‘apps’ are unable to be fully managed and also vary in services offered, by manufacturer.

But for a single comprehensive solution that works with all TVs, GuestView is the ideal  for  that guest services ‘value add’.  And our solution is fully remotely managed to enable hassle free performance and ongoing enhancements of content and technology, independent of the TV set investment.

For hotels the benefits of GuestView are flexibility of TV set choice with less investment required in TVs and all the latest SmartTV features for guests.