Business Models

IHT offer Rooms-on-Line (Internet) and Guestview (IPTV/DVOD) services either individually or in combination. You do not have to have one service linked to the other, which may help with existing obligations or with marketing objectives.

Generally the services are installed at IHT’s expense. With capital expenditure, ongoing management and maintenance handled by IHT, the Hotel can have state of the art technology with no capital/commercial risk. Revenues are shared over the period of an agreement term.

Alternatively the Hotel may wish to cover part or all of capital expenditure and have more involvement in revenues and pricing. The range of options are completely open to discussion and obviously include Hotel size and exiting network infrastructure factors that may be in place or that may be required.

Always our objective is to create a “Win: Win” scenario, in line with the individual hotel or the hotel group’s objectives.