Corporate Tenders!

What is that "one thing" that shows corporate decision makers you are the hotel that offers the right package, to win those important tenders?

Quite often the deciding factor is Wireless broadband, not just normal fixed broadband services.

And as your front desk already knows, your existing guests are also are asking "Do you have Wireless"?

Wireless Broadband, or Wifi as it is also called, is the standard Broadband protocol built into all guest laptops. With our Wifi service, all a guest does is chose the wireless access point and open a browser, it's that simple.

We design our wireless networks to give full hotel wide coverage and to have multiple signal redundancy. The result is unlimited guest access with full wireless signal to give maximum on-line performance.

Working with a partner supplier who actually understands Wifi and who has experience in Wireless networks implementation and ongoing management, is crucial to your guest satisfaction. We deliver on experience and expertise.

And if you review our Business model options page you will see we can also deliver your guest Wifi service on a no-capex basis.

To make sure you maximise your tender opportunities just call 1300 8555 96 today and ask to speak to Roger Bilson.