Rooms-0n Line Broadband

There clearly are differing levels of Broadband service and performance - and IHT's Broadband service is known to deliver the best.

We combine state of the art equipment with our proprietary software to delivery guests the fastest, easiest to use Broadband service possible. And as the technology develops, we upgrade our guest services so Hotels and guests are always up to date with the latest services.

Broadband is now possibly the most vital service supplied to the guest in room. This requires expertise, delivery options and pricing flexibility.

IHT began as an Internet services company solely dedicated to Hotels. We did not just "tack on" an Internet facility to a movie system but developed the technology from the ground up. Indeed our first service was a JV with IBM using PCs in rooms before laptops were the norm and before Broadband was even a laptop Internet access option. Interestingly we developed and supplied streaming digital media content back then, we were a little bit ahead of our time!

We offer both wired and wireless broadband to guests in room, interfaced seamlessly to any Hotel PMS. We combine this with our remote management, our Hotel Admin interface and Help Desk systems to ensure the Hotel and Hotel staff have a guest service they don't have to worry about or become experts in managing.